Stefan Haves


cirque comique

Cirque Du Soleil's Kooza

Cirque hired Stefan to bring laughs and heart to David Shiner's most clown-centric show ever. Stefan inspired the clowns and performers to define their acts by creating lasting personas.

Zaia, La Nouba, Mystere, Iris, Amaluna, and more... Haves is honored that his association with Cirque Du Soleil continues to this day.

"Kooza can be recommended without reservation, even to those who can't stand clowns." -- Richard Corliss, TIME

Teatro Zinzanni

Stefan developed the San Francisco version of this successful variety dinner show. Within the year, Stefan's creation was higher grossing than the original. Stefan attributes part of his success to his relationships with elite talent, and his ability to bring out their best. He was able to attract Joan Baez, Sally Kellerman, and Liliane Montevecchi to star in his show.

China State Circus

Jiangsu Province's first comedy circus show offered a unique challenge: create a full-length comic circus event under production constraints including an unfamiliar culture, extreme language barrier, and very limited time frame. This was a perfect opportunity for Stefan to turn obstacle to advantage. Sold-out success.

Pasadena Playhouse

Full control of the theater complex was laid at Stefan's feet. The Company The Playhouse knew Stefan would be able to create a balanced show from scratch that would please subscribers, new ticket buyers, and the press alike. They were right. Stefan embraced this opportunity to realize his personal standard for theater which perfectly balances beauty and comedy, peril and romance. The result was lauded for its well-rounded melange of spectacle, strength, and humanity.

Stefan embraced this opportunity to realize his personal standard for a perfectly balanced evening of beauty and comedy, peril and romance.

"Stefan Haves is L.A.'s original eccentric impresario"
-- Robert Kohler, L.A. Times